We are the all-new generation of coffee growers! We’ve developed an innovative technology and upgraded the process on a whole new level, giving you a chance to plant and grow coffee wherever you are, even in your own backyard!


We are the pioneers in the coffee production with our micro Coffee Factory which is the ultimate experience for our customers. All senses are included in the process as our customers witness a freshly roasted, grinded and packed batch of coffee prepared in front of their curious eyes.
We have the beans, the means and the machines to teach you everything about coffee!
Want to learn the whole coffee story? If you are intrigued by the exciting opportunity to become a world class coffee connoisseur, join our Coffee Academy and learn the whole process from farm to cup. Our highly professional and well trained staff will guide you through the process and ultimately build you into an experienced world artisan of coffee production, up to the smallest but significant details.

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The place to be,
the coffee to have!

Get to know us in person, visit our shops and feel the Coffee-in-Café experience in a relaxed chill out ambient. Choose your roast and enjoy it with your friends or just alone with your thoughts, while working in a inspiring and creative interior with free WiFi.

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We share our World of Coffee with you!

Why not explore the city with the best friend you can get – a cup of a freshly made aromatic coffee from Coffee and Friends? You will find us in Vienna, on different locations where you can enjoy a coffee-to-go while enjoying the ambient and the people while having a cup of your favorite coffee. (edited)

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Explore a world of aromas…
Home or office, our coffee spreads its aromas and warms your soul anytime you enjoy a cup! Take a trip into the world of more than 40 organic coffees, now baked, grinded and packed freshly for you. Get your own batch in the first and only Coffee Factory of this kind in our country.

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Try out our huge coffee selection in a traditional or a modern way.