in Café

World of Coffee is a family owned coffee brand, a love story that stretches over more than 5 decades. It was born as the vision of a small hard-working coffee home-grower who worked the coffee plants throughout the world, learning the trade of cultivation of quality organic coffee and most important of all – starting a tradition. His passion for planting and growing the best coffee the world has ever tasted is now passed onto the third generation who continued the tradition and upgraded it with innovation.

World of Coffee is now a world-known independent company, a brand that inspires coffee lovers and enthusiasts who seek only the finest beans with uncompromised quality.

Our philosophy is simple and it focuses on 3 aspects:

Innovation in roasting of organic coffee! Innovative technology developed and applied in our production which can be provided to coffee enthusiasts who will become coffee artisans themselves, no matter where they plant and grow coffee.

From farm to cup, our micro production of authentic coffee roasts follow every single step in the process that takes place in controlled environment by applying high quality standards.

Production of daily 1 kg batches by applying a full automated process and method of roasting at temperature of 180⁰C, with no additives or flavor enhancers.